Day 342 – new sweetener

I have been sooooo good these 2 weeks with no sugar! Except the cream cheese stuffed French toast last Sunday, but I knew it, I did it, I loved it and I owned it! I’m doing really well with once a week. I let myself eat a “sweet” once a week and I make sure it’s worth it. No more white, crusty M&M’s from the bottom of the desk drawer or heaven forbid, spoonfuls of cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar a few weeks ago. I can happily say I’m reacquainting myself with fruits and gaining my tastebuds back for real food! Go me!!!
Anyway, I saw this today at the grocery store and bought it since I have wanted to try Monkfruit for months. This is not the purest form that I bought, but I got an idea of how it tastes and feels. So I wanted to share my findings with you.
Firstly, it’s a small melon shaped fruit native to China and southeast Asia. It’s naturally sweet and low glycemic. Upon my first inspection, the packets I bought were similar to Splenda or Equal including the size and the same amount per packet that the artificial sweeteners have. Hhhmmm…I thought. On to consistency, the consistency is also about the same as the artificial sweeteners…again, I think to myself, “interesting”. Now for the taste. I can definitely ease your minds with this one; there is not bitter aftertaste, nor is there a chemical taste. However, once I put it in some coffee, I had a slight “dry” feeling in my mouth that sugar doesn’t give.

Anyway, I can’t say I’ll be using it regularly but I do know that the Chinese herbalists have been using it for years to help with diabetes and obesity so it can’t be all that bad. Dr. Oz loves it too, so I guess for now I’ll try another brand, one that’s more natural and not made by the makers of Splenda (blech) and see if I like that better.


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