Day 332 – turkey bone broth

Between trying to figure out how to print out a book online for a friend today and digging out from beneath the Thanksgiving mess and Christmas decorating of last week, I’m making homemade turkey bone broth soup.
I am sure I’ve posted before about the benefits of a good bone broth but here is a reminder. I know it sounds gross and it’s probably going to get messy before it gets to become a beautiful and very healthy broth, but trust me! You want to get every ounce of goodness out of those turkey (and chicken works great as well) bones. Think about it, our grandmothers and even millions of people for generations have learned of the benefits of cooking down the bones. It’s hands down the best way to get your calcium. If you cook the carcass (for lack of a better word, I know, ewww) for several hours, the bones will become soft and edible. Make sure you realllly cook it though, we don’t want anyone choking on bones!
So, I cook all of it, the skin, the bones, the bits of meat that you couldn’t get out of the crevasses, with enough water to cover most of the bird for at least 6-8 hours or until you can smash the bones easily with a fork or spoon. Then once cooled down a bit, you will want to strain out some of the stuff that either didn’t break down in the cooking process or is too “boingy” as we call it in our family. You know, the grisly stuff that you don’t want in your mouth.
My family has a history of osteoporosis so I try to do this every time we get a full chicken (this works great with those ready made rotisserie chickens in the deli section of your grocery store) or turkey once we’re done. Many calcium supplements don’t break down well in our bodies and merely pass through if you catch my drift, but you will definitely absorb the calcium in this liquid form.

So, I am done with my broth now and will turn the finished product into a turkey noodle soup!



  1. I always cook the turkey bones, that’s one of our favorite parts of a turkey. Put my broth in the freezer this year, but today I bought some lovely kale and rice noodles so might have to take some of it out and make soup.

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