Day 324 – grand opening

Ta-da! Today is our grand opening of The Seaside Store on Etsy! I’ve been working alllllll day and yesterday getting things ready for the big reveal, so I hope you’ll forgive me today for not doing a fresh project. I thought this was big enough. 🙂
The Seaside Store currently sells several coastal and nautical items and also includes stained glass, natural body products, Christmas ornaments and jewelry.
Please check us out and I really appreciate your support as we get started with our new fledgling business. Tomorrow I will do my best to get back to normal posts but thanks again for supporting us and your prayers and well wishes!

Let me know if you can’t follow the link since I’m still working on getting the hang of all this technical stuff.
And please bookmark us since I still have over 50 items to list this week and am slowly getting them on, piece by piece.


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