Day 317 – shy guest blogger

After my first day back at work and an hour commute in NJ traffic (can you say, yikes?), I had to beg my mom to help me come up with something for today…I just (pant pant) can’t (zzzzzzz) do it. (That’s me falling asleep). So, she agreed if I would come up with the verbiage for her.
We have made these glass fridge magnets before, but never with the kinds of materials she used today. She’s so creative like that! The penguin is made from a ribbon! Yes, she cut the little guy’s face out of a strip of ribbon and modpodged it on the back. It worked really well as you can see. Then, the other one she painted. She is a real wiz with the paintbrush and used to be quite the tole painter. So, she used her tole painting techniques today with the end of a small wooden paintbrush handle and painted the dots into a floral pattern. After it dried, she coated it with modpodge.
Cool, huh?
And thanks mom. You rock! 🙂



  1. Those are very cute! And yes, that’s so cool that you and your mom made them together. That’s very sweet.<3<3<3 Hugs to you both. And Congrats on the new job!!!=)

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