Day 299 – Halloween guest blogger

Here is a fantastic post about Halloween and some of the best DIY projects out there from my Halloween guru and the best Sally costume from Nightmare Before Christmas ever…take it away Catherine!

“Halloween is, by far, my FAVORITE! It’s the only time of year you get to dress up in costume & find the inner kid in you. The parties are fun & there are good times to be had by all!

Decorating is almost as much fun as dressing up. If you’re a Halloween fan like me you start on October 1st! The best place to hit for decorations is the Dollar Store. You can get things like black mesh hanging cloth, bloody creepy cloth, table covers, window clings & more. Pinterest is a great place to find lots of crafty DIY ideas as well.

One of the best & easiest ways to add a little spookiness to your home, cubicle or office is by putting up flying bats. No, not real flying bats but it does look pretty cool!

Items needed for bats:

Black construction paper

Sharp scissors

Bat template

Print out the template from the website & cut the bat out. Fold the black construction paper in half width wise then trace the bat with white colored pencil. You should be able to fit two bats on each piece of paper. Once you’re done cutting out as many bats as desired, tape one wing to the wall. Remember, bats fly around a bit scattered. I usually like to start with a few then add more & more as it gets closer to the main area where everyone will be.

Another great DIY is ice hands for the punch. This adds a bit of creepy to the drink while keeping it cold.

Items needed for hands:

Powder Free Exam Gloves

Alligator clips (Binder Clips)

Fill the gloves with water till fairly full. You don’t want to over fill them otherwise getting the ice hand out won’t be too easy. I learned this the hard way! Once the glove is filled give it a twist at the top as if you’re going to tie it off like a balloon. Clamp an Alligator (Binder) clip on the twisted end & freeze. Now here’s the fun part! Just before you serve the punch take the desired number of iced gloves out, run under hot water for about 10-15 seconds. This will help with getting the hand out. Remove the Alligator clip & start peeling the glove off slowly then plop it into the punch. If the fingers break off don’t worry! That’ll just add to the effects!

Is your office or home too bright & ruining the scariness level you’ve got goin’ on? Use black trash bags or cheap black or grey plastic table covers on the windows! Cut the trash bags along their seams then taped them up on over the windows. Using your nails make some “scratches” to tear small holes in the bag for just the right amount of light. The same can be done with the plastic table covers. You will be amazed at how easy this is to do & how great it’ll look!


Have a great Halloween everyone & stay spooky!!!”


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