Day 294 – nutrition in the winter

Before we get carried away with Halloween candy, mounds of Thanksgiving stuffing and Christmas ham, I want to give you a mini nutrition lesson on how to get your nutrition throughout the winter, and especially the holidays.
1. Expand your horizons! Maybe this is the winter you try a new root vegetable. Try oven roasting rutabaga, parsnips and carrots with a little olive oil and salt for a megadose of fiber and vitamins.
2. Save the ends while cutting vegetables instead of throwing them away. The hard stalk of broccoli can be chopped up finely and put into any stir fry or even pasta sauce. How about the leaves from your carrots and celery? Wash them well and finely chop-add to a salad or cook right into your main dish.
3. Think outside of the box. When preparing a tuna sandwich, why not add spinach leaves? Or how about adding some chopped tomatoes to that box of macaroni and cheese that you just made? Maybe you like soup; add a handful of shredded carrot or cabbage and stir in. The crunchy texture adds dimension and also, more nutrition.
It doesn’t stop with vegetables. Try adding some thinly sliced apples to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And since citrus is a good choice during the winter, why not add some mandarin segments to your yogurt or even a shredded apple to your pumpkin cream cheese roll.
The key during the cooler months isn’t to starve yourself while everyone else is piling the buttered mashed potatoes on their plate. Our bodies naturally crave warm and comforting foods when it turns cold outside. But you can ensure you’ll keep your body healthy and strong by adding in a fruit or veggie anytime you eat a meal or snack. Get creative this year-I’d love to hear some of your feedback and if you have a favorite way to get in your 6 to 8 servings a day!

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