Day 287 – instant gratification

For those of you on Facebook, do you find yourself dreaming in “Facebook posts” like I do? I think up sentences for new status posts all the time. It’s weird, I know. And I’m not even a FB junkie like some. I guess it’s the creative side of me, thinking of the best and most captivating sentences to draw people into my life and what’s going on with me.
Anyway, so I was trying to think one up last night as I lay awake after the police cars and fire trucks left my neighbors house. Luckily it wasn’t a fire or anything serious, but still. It’s rather disconcerting being woken up by the flashing lights and sounds of idling vehicles.
Ok, on to today’s project. I call it instant gratification! I went to AC Moore which is a craft store that I haven’t been too familiar with since they didn’t have them in Colorado. I found a $1.00 bin with lots and lots of really cool pendants. Some were up to 90% off. I gathered a few together and put them on some choker necklaces that I already had. Voila! New fashion for $1.00! I even embellished a couple a little bit to make it more personal, but it still didn’t take more than a couple extra cents and about 2 extra minutes of my time. Oh yeah, and how about that lovely milkglass vase they are displayed on? I got her at a rummage sale for about 25 cents…I was going to sell her in my Etsy shop, but she has a tiny pinhole. Lucky for me, now I get to keep her and name her Blanca. 🙂



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