Day 285 – DIY fail

Darn! I hate when things don’t work for me and even more, when I don’t even have a photo to share. This project looked delightful and I had high hopes that I could squeeze this in today between a visit to the vet with a sick dog and the mounds of wash that have piled up. It’s DIY photo transfers onto beach glass.
She did a gorgeous job and mine, well, the paper was hard to scrub off and even worse, the pictures completely disappeared. UGGHHH.
I’m tired. I’m bummed and let me just say that I’m losing steam today with my blog. I’m having a creative mental block and all I want to do is sit around feeling sorry for myself while eating bad things and reading a book in bed. I promise I won’t give up though. I committed to this blog for a full 365 days to the absolute best of my ability and I will follow through! I’ll be back tomorrow with something that I can hopefully be successful at and with a better frame of mind. 🙂 God has brought me to, so He will bring me through!



  1. Sorry to hear your day wasn’t better. I’ve had those days too, I think we all have. Good for you for continuing with your blog though and sticking with it! I enjoy your posts and can’t wait to see the Day 365 post! You’re getting close 😉

  2. That’s some nice long grass there, and pretty white sand. I bet they can be used to make some homemade projects…like basket weaving, or homemade sandbags, or weights for exercising. By the way I refollowed you so that you can be on my blogs i follow list. Hugs your way. I bet can food cans can also work well with sand and maybe some candles or flowers. I’m rooting for your 365 day post too! hugs hugs.

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