Day 279 – Glitter pumpkin

Yay! A guest blogger to my rescue this week. Let me introduce you to my friend and marketing extraordinaire, Kate Bennett!
Check out what she did with a pumpkin. Perfect for some of us who like the look without all the mess of cutting a jack-o-lantern.


“I came across this idea at, and since I much prefer cleaning up a glitter mess over pumpkin guts, I couldn’t wait to try it! I also liked that even though this is perfectly appropriate for Halloween, it’s not so Halloweeny that I can’t leave it out through Thanksgiving. Plus, since it’s coated in glitter and not carved, it will actually last that long without caving in on itself and rotting on the front porch like my jack o’ lanterns tend to do.
I found a cute little pie pumpkin at the grocery store, but you could use any gourd or even one of those fake foam pumpkins they sell at craft stores if you wanted one that would really last. I propped the pumpkin up on a paper cup on top of a cookie sheet that I covered in aluminum foil for easy clean up. Then I used a foam brush to coat it in Mod Podge (you could also use plain white glue) and basically just sprinkled glitter over it until it was covered. I used Martha Stewart’s glitter in Smoky Quartz, which is a brownish gold, but you could use any harvest shade or even go really crazy and do black, purple or green! I painted the stem brown with an acrylic craft paint which is completely optional, but it’s kind of a nice finishing touch.
I considered spraying it with a clear acrylic, but since I don’t have pets or little kids knocking things around it’s fine just sitting pretty in the center of my dining room table.”

Thanks Kate! Looks awesome…I may have to pull out the glitter again… 🙂

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