Day 277 – Halloween necklace

Things are really rockin’ and rollin’ out here on the Jersey Shore. No, seriously, as we prepare for a small Nor’Easter today. The seagulls and I were the only crazy ones on the beach this morning as the city bulldozers are piling up dunes to protect the shore front homes. Very powerful seeing the waves grow to 5 feet which is big for this area. It sort of put things in perspective for me today-just me and God and a few seagulls watching, feeling the magnificent rhythm of the ocean. It just made my problems seem so insignificant!



Today I made this cute Halloween necklace with orange skull beads that I found at AC Moore.
Enjoy your day and wish us luck as we experience our first storm on a tiny barrier island that isn’t even a 1/4 mile wide in spots! EEeeeek!



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