Day 276 – Table centerpiece

Hi there. Did I tell you that all my Halloween stuff is still in storage? Did I tell you how hard this Halloween week is turning out to be without my trusty glitter pumpkins, the feathered wire ravens, and not to mention the 6 foot skeleton for the roof? But! I LOVE Halloween and there hasn’t been one year that has gone by since my first memory of a trick-or-treat experience, dressed in my handmade Pilgrim costume (ooh, my first taste of make up that year-a dash of rosy rouge for my cheeks and a tad of pink on those 5 year old lips) that I haven’t celebrated this controversial and macabre holiday. So, that means I’m doing something every day this week. That will include restraining myself from buying loads of Halloween “stuff” which is just that, “stuff”. Did you know that more “stuff” and clutter tends to also clutter your mind causing possible depression and lack of energy?
Anyway, so today I came up with a Halloween centerpiece for the dining table with all stuff I found around the house with the exception of buying a small package of Halloween stickers for $1.99 and the gross yellow (for a different project) sea glass. My treasures include some rope, beautiful pieces of driftwood that we found on the beach last week with it’s own spooky appearance, some shiny table scatter from last year, some cut out black bats, two cool candle hurricane things, a tin labeled Poison that I recovered with a chevron pattern of paper and then, the pukey/gross sea glass.
So, sometimes you gotta take what you have and work with it! Not my favorite tablescape, but I worked with what I had and I think it is pretty eery!




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