Day 274 – blinged out shells

Happy Sunday everyone! Wishing you a lovely day wherever you are. Although I could never improve on God’s creation, I have added a little “bling” to these beautiful shells. 🙂
These will hopefully be a part of our new Etsy store which I will be announcing in an upcoming post. Since we are not having good luck finding work, we might as well put our ideas to use and try to sell them, right? Surely there will always be a need for coastal and nautical décor…hope this peaks some interest and wish us luck!



Meanwhile, tomorrow also starts “Halloween week”! Mwahahahahaaaa! I know some of you are not interested in Halloween, but I have always loved the chance to celebrate spooky movies, slathering on layers of makeup and what else, candy-hello! 🙂 Although I may be a Christian, I see the value in this holiday; a time for celebrating with family and friends. People will always come together on Halloween whether it’s a party full of adults dressed in homemade costumes from their most creative imaginations or merely holding your child’s hand as they gingerly walk up to the first door that opens, putting sugary treats in their bag. My Halloween ideals are a la 1950’s and maybe out of date, but certainly there are others who think like me. No X-rated French maid costumes or Hollywood’s version of “let’s think of as many ways to mutilate and torture in a movie as possible”. And yes, I watched every single horror movie made from 1940-1998 until it got out too realistic and gory. How about getting back to less is more this Halloween?

I think God smiles when we simply take time away from busy schedules and just have fun.


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