Day 264 – Autumn garland

Ahhhh-smell the maple leaves’ sugar in the air, feel the crisp autumn breeze wafting against your cashmere sweater…wait, not here out at the shore. 🙂 It’s been a beautiful few first days of fall here on the barrier island. I have loved these brisk mornings and the cool salt air; clutching my pink mug of coffee and racing down the street to catch the sun rising over the Atlantic. sigh…but there’s no real foliage out here. So, I had to add my own autumn leaves by way of a cute garland. I picked up the colorful felt leaves at the dollar store (they are technically “table scatter” which is something you can use to decorate a tabletop) and all I did was hot glue them onto a piece of natural twine and hang in the doorway.




  1. That is so cute and such a great idea! I need to pick up some fabric later today to sew some fall stuff & your post came just in time. I might just go see if our dollar store has these so I can make one. It’s right near the fabric store. Thanks for this idea:)

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