Day 263 – carpet fix?

Ok, so I am here to share a tip, well two tips that I tried and neither worked! Bummer. After recently moving a bunch of furniture around in a room for my mom, I was left with carpet “dents”. So, of course I pulled up the handy Pinterest website and searched for tips on how to remove these unsightly marks.

First try- take a hot iron and gently iron over a damp towel over the area, making sure it creates some steam, but not letting it burn your carpet. I tried over and over on the spot as you can see below with the rocker marks; you can’t tell the difference? Me neither!20130924_125159

Second try- take an ice cube, let it melt in the dent. Let it dry completely and the dent comes out. Wrong again! This was where the round spots are-this didn’t work either.

Oh well. Maybe I just wasn’t patient enough with the process, but maybe I also saved a few souls out there from possibly burning the carpet or creating wet marks which on a light carpet like this, could’ve become more unsightly than just letting the dent work itself out over time.

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