Day 262 – Christmas sneak peak

I promise I’m not jumping ahead to Christmas so soon like those annoying department stores with their decorations. 🙂 However, as a crafter, it pays to get a jump start on the holidays and get your gift ideas and decorations started. Otherwise, you’ll be left in the dust at the hobby shops! I have found that most of the really good stuff is already gone by the Thanksgiving sales, so I am trying this year to get some ideas flowing for Christmas early.
I just went to a fancy “nautical gift shop” in a bordering town and found these simple yet elegant shell ornaments. The store was selling them for, get this; $4.99 and up! All I needed to do was get some pretty shells at my local craft store (they are usually in the floral department) and hot glue on my twine. Easy to hang on the tree and how gorgeous for the “coastal” Christmas tree I’m going to have this year. 🙂20130924_163825


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