Day 257 – Pirate accessory

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! I know, weird holiday, but I fully embrace it. It’s a chance to bring out the inner pirate in me…little do you know behind this mature exterior lies a sassy rebel. I became a pirate (mentally) many years ago in my junior high and high school days (minus the rum for breakfast and slapping wenches around). I blame it all on Disneyland. The first time I really realized how badly I wanted to live in the Pirate of the Caribbean water ride, I knew I was in trouble. I’ve been hooked to all things Caribbean since then and heck, if it involves huge ships with tattered sails and sunken treasure, all the better.


I had a lot of fun creating my first pirate hair accessory. I may not be as pretty a pirate as Johnny Depp, but it looks pretty cool! I took a bunch of random bits and started stringing them and tying onto a natural necklace cord. Then I attached to a hair clip and neatly tucked in my hair. Since pirates don’t care what they look like, feel free to mix and match anything you can come up with. You’ll see I have everything from a gold Christmas star, to a seashell and a wooden cross. Ooh yeah, there’s even a bit of blue and white china-use your imagination and think of it as a broken plate from a shipwreck instead of a bead from Michaels.




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