Day 250 – sharpie vase

Yes!!! I finally got to this project which has been on the grand “to do list” for a long time. However, it didn’t turn out like I originally planned. It ended up better than I expected! I first tried to put stencil stickers with the letters, “LOVE” on it under the heart pattern, but it didn’t show up at all when I took them off. So, on to Plan B. I stuck with the heart design and actually took a cotton swab with nail polish remover and erased the dots in the shape of a small heart within the heart. This was done with a sharpie pen, a white vase from Goodwill for $1.99 and some imagination. I encourage you to try it sometime-get that scary, white canvas in front of you and let your imagination run wild. Don’t be scared-it can be very freeing! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I like what I did.
Lately, I’ve sort of hit a creative “brick wall”. Mostly stress I guess of living in a new place, no job, not even any job prospects to speak of; talk about a big “yikes!” I have been praying about it too and am so happy today that God has sparked my imagination; reminding me that He’s in charge and that I need to keep letting go of my current situation. I need to keep trusting that He has the right job or business lined up for me and I also need to let myself just play and have fun while I have this downtime.


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