Day 241 – Pills 101

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there in internet-land that doesn’t like to take their vitamins. I don’t like to swallow them, but I love the way I feel. During the last few exhausting months while moving, one of my first resolutions was to get back on a regimen once we got settled. Vitamins, minerals and some herbal supplements are huge for your health in case you haven’t heard lately. 🙂 There are several great websites to help you tailor a custom regime for your daily needs although, it’s best to do this under a good doctor’s supervision.
Here are a few websites I like and agree with their education that they put out there.

Ok, getting back to the point of the tip for today…how to swallow those pills! Here are a few good tips from another health guru that I love, Dr. John Douillard:

He says in a nutshell, lean forward when taking those sticky gelatin caps and they will “float” on top of the water while going down your throat. For the other heavier pills, tilt your head slightly back and swallow with water. How easy is that? Now you can take your vitamins and supplements with no gagging! And yes, I’m on day 2 and it really works!

PS. Please don’t forget to consult a physician you trust when starting a new supplement program. I stand by the great benefits of a daily regimen but I cannot make any recommendations for you.

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