gallery Day 240 – designing for dummies



I hope you’ve had a nice long weekend, those of you in the US. I have been busy, not doing projects but rather, helping others with some much needed updating. I thought I’d share a bit about a couple “makeovers” I did. Unfortunately, you’ll have to take my word for it since once again, I forgot to take before pics. I am truly sorry! Ugh!
Firstly, I redesigned the porch at my parents house. They love a nice, calm evening after a long day at work, relaxing on the porch, so I opened this up a bit and really didn’t do much but rearrange the plants, the trash picked table (how cool is that?) and bought a couple fall items for the table.
Secondly, I helped a dear friend to change things up in her place-all we did was change out bedding and added these cute lanterns from the ceiling. Oh yeah, and brought in the striking yellow bromeliad to add some interest. She can’t do much with the walls since she rents, but I think this added a lot!
Next will be for us; I am in the process of making my own “nest” out here at the Jersey shore and I will share pictures of some of my design elements soon. But for now, I’m whooped and looking forward to a quiet eve with my hubby and pups!

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