Day 234 – lagging




Hhhmm…where to start? This move has literally beaten me up! Kicked my butt! I don’t know what to blame it on; the hotel rooms with 2 snoring dogs and not getting enough sleep for days on end or the complete social and cultural shock of moving from quiet little Longmont, Colorado, where the sun shines all day and 5 o’clock traffic at the corner light consists of 2 cars and a tractor. There are so many things I love about New Jersey since this is my third time moving into the state. However, it’s still a jarring experience; uprooting one’s entire life, cramming it all in 3 6′ x 8′ storage cubes, driving across the never-ending interstate Highway I-70 and trying to relax at one of the busiest beaches in the entire state of NJ during the last weekend before school starts.
Needless to say, it’s been tough and I have not been able to do any projects yet. I hope to get to them this week and I certainly hope things start to smooth out for us. Let’s just say, we can use all the prayers and well wishes we can get. 🙂 I know God brought us to this point so He will see us through, too!
And if anyone in NJ is hiring a smart, sassy Events Coordinator or Executive Assistant, let me know. 😉

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