Day 231 – missing in action

After spending all day unloading the moving pods yesterday, I must say, I didn’t actually forget about posting, but was too busy scratching the darn mosquito bites to pay attention to much else. So, today I am sharing a few remedies for the itchiest of bites.
Scotch tape! Try a piece of scotch tape on the affected area. Also, I just tried antiperspirant which worked. ๐Ÿ™‚
Here is a great list for more remedies and let me know which your fave is!


  1. I like the aloe vera and cracked membrane idea. Also, I think applying a dab of honey might help as honey is also an antibacterial. These tips were all so interesting. Thanks for the idea! Oh– but as for the banana peel…I don’t think that should be a good idea as masquitos are attracted to banana scent.

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