Day 230 – beach fun



Thanks to all of you who send prayers and well wishes for our move. We have finally arrived in the small town of Seaside Park, New Jersey. It’s on a barrier island and if you have watched the news in the last year, this is one of the areas hardest hit by the Hurricane Superstorm Sandy last October. Thankfully, this immediate area has rebounded well and most places have been rebuilt. But just a short 2 miles north, some streets still resemble a war zone.
So, on to some beachy projects for today! Want to send someone a special birthday card? If you live near the beach, why not write a message in the sand? I have seen several people on Etsy that do this; they take your custom message and write it in the sand. Then, they either charge you for the digital file of a photo of it, or they do the whole thing-printing and framing it for you.
Enjoy and have a great day!

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