Day 228 – new job, new notebook



So, since we have moved, I am on the job hunt. Sigh. This is one of my least favorite things to do; I can’t imagine anyone likes it. Anyway, I wanted a nice looking notebook/portfolio to contain my documents and resume, so I pulled out this freebie I received from a well known bank as a promotion. I didn’t want to have the bank name emblazoned all over the place, so I bought some scrapbook paper in an alligator skin texture and cut out a pattern and glued on over the emblem. I know it’s not a big project, but at least I was able to put my own creativity on it and hopefully that will inspire me as I march in to the job interview; remembering who I am and what I can do!


  1. Yes! You are very creative, truly inspiring, and you’ll go get ’em! đŸ˜‰ One tip my sister gave me years years ago when I had went on my first job hunt was to just be honest: Be honest with the interviewers about yourself, your talents, why you’re looking for a job, etc. That advice has helped me ever since, and not just in relation to employment but also with many other things. I’ll be praying praying for you. May the Lord go before you and guide you the entire way. Best wishes to you!

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