Day 224 – homemade lavender honey soda

Summer is fleeting before my eyes. This is a great recipe for a hot day from my friend, Evey, a beautiful, intelligent (and crafty!) college student in San Diego.

Now you can have your soda and drink it without feeling guilty!
You can enjoy a refreshing glass of soda without any of of the
processed ingredients that are usually used. This recipe is not only
simple but it is customizable and a vast amount of ingredients can be used
for different flavors.

For 4-6 servings you need:
1 gallon of sparkling water
1 cup of honey
1 cup of water
Handful of lavender (fresh or dried works!)
Handful of mint leaves (fresh is preferred and this is optional however
lavender and mint make a dynamic duo!)

1) Combine equal parts honey and water in a saucepan on medium heat. Add
lavender and mint (or desired flavorings) and wait until mixture comes to
a boil while stirring frequently.
2) Once the honey simple syrup has boiled, reduce the heat and continue
simmering until mixture thickens (give it at least 5 minutes so
that the flavors can really diffuse)
3) Turn off heat and let mixture cool, meanwhile prepare glasses by
filling them with the ice and sparkling water.
4)Once mixture has cooled for a little while, pour into the glasses using a metal strainer.
5)Garnish your glasses with fresh mint, lemons, and lavender (of course!)
and enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, Evey – I can’t wait to try this! Check out her cool blog for more fun stuff at;



  1. Hi, how are you? how is the move going? Hope all is well and that you’re getting plenty of rest afterward. This recipe looks great- thank you for sharing!:)

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