Day 222 – touch up tricks


Too bad I bought this expensive “tester” paint jar before I came up with this great trick. My guest room is a lovely mint green color, but unfortunately, as we’ve taken down the pictures and wall hangings, it has left us with small holes that needed patching. And even more unfortunate, I didn’t have any of the paint left for touching up!
So, I went to my local hardware store and bought what I thought was a good match. Not! It wasn’t close enough and I was left with dark patches on my wall. My creative mind wandered all throughout my house, thinking, how can I fix this without buying more paint?
I went down into my craft room and got out my acrylic craft paints-voila! I have a perfect match with mixing up a white and mint green. Try this next time you need to patch up your walls before you go buy an expensive match at the store. And depending on the finish you have, try adding a little pearlescent color if you have a shine to your walls or just stick with flat, if you have eggshell finish. Even if you have to buy more colors, you’re looking at under a dollar each from your craft store instead of $5-10.00 for a building supply type of paint.

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