Day 215 – more chocolate


Chocolate Covered Katie does it again! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, she’s a cute little gal who makes all sorts of healthy desserts and yummy treats on her blog. I love her; I want to be nick-named “Chocolate Covered Kathy” but that would be a little too much. Check out the recipe below for Chocolate Banana Split Butter.
So easy and sooooooo good! Wow! Like a brownie on a spoon. 🙂 I used raw cacao instead of plain cocoa powder, but either works fine. And no, I haven’t figured out a way to use it other than with a fat, ol’ spoon and a good book. 🙂

I’m in heaven this week in case you didn’t know. Up to my eyeballs in chocolate recipes. Can’t wait to share more tomorrow!


  1. Good grief that looks good. I have this notion it tastes like brownie batter. In which case, I most definitely should NOT make it!!! 🙂 At least cacao has antioxidants and stuff.

  2. Great choice to use the raw cacao, FYI if you use a criollo or arriba nacionale cacao raw powder you will find it is sweeter than a forestro or trinitario variety (aka you need less sweetener then). Possibly helpful!

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