Day 209 – beaded collar

Yes, it’s true. The hubby and I are moving 1800 miles back to the lovely state of New Jersey. So, please be patient with me over the the next few weeks! I sure don’t anticipate my blog to suffer, but for those of you who have done a move of any sort, let alone an interstate or international move, you know it can be a bear! Anyway, I don’t have any fun tips about packing or organization which would be great, but frankly, my packing abilities have been stretched to their max and let’s just say, it’s not going to be fun unpacking!
On to today’s project. 🙂

I found this old white, collared shirt while sorting through some clothes and also saw something online about sewing beads onto an old shirt. This turned out really cute with my little faux pearl beads. The corners took about 30 minutes to do. Very easy though with just a needle and thread and some loose seed beads!



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