Day 205 – best eggs ever




Today was the day; I finally got my fresh, fire-roasted chilies from the Longmont farmers market! Holy cow! It is seriously one of the most exciting days for me. The smell wafting through the parking lot at the Boulder County Fairgrounds; a mixture of roasting chilies and sweet-buttered kettle corn is almost too much for my senses.

With my 3 bags of still warm chilies, I raced home to scramble up some eggs to throw the chilies into.

As you can see, there are just 4 ingredients to my spectacular “Saturday eggs”. Diced fresh fire-roasted chilies, grated sharp cheese, 3 eggs and 1 ts of baking powder which I always use to make my eggs fluffy. Oh yeah, and about 2 tb of milk too.

Scramble it up, spread on a warm corn tortilla and top with a nice blob of sour cream and slices of fresh tomato. By the way, have you ever seen a $3.00 tomato? Well, the beauty up above is a choice heirloom I picked up, but she is too beautiful for eggs…I’ll write another blog to show her off in. 🙂

Hello happy tummy!


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