Day 203 – black and white

I love black and white photos. Something about them (or maybe just some of them) captures a different perspective and evokes different feelings, at least for me.
My sister took these photos about 13 years ago while my hubby and I lived in the beautiful seaside “town” of San Diego, California. We really loved it there; who wouldn’t? The first photo is of my dear best friend, Teer, a female boxer who passed 3 years ago now. I love her little profile; it makes me want to cry. Boy do I miss her! It’s not the clearest picture, but something about it just captures her sweet demeanor.
The other photo is of the rocky cliffs just at the end of the street where we lived. I always wanted to go in one of these “shacks” all precariously perched on the rocks. I think I remember a parade of various surfer types going in and out. Wow, to surf right out your front door, let alone out the front window must be heaven! Thanks for letting me reminisce. 🙂
Back to the project. I know I’ve done coasters before so these could be either coasters or little pieces of art to put on mini easels or something. I took my photos, copied them so I could keep the originals, and then modpodged onto some pressboard pieces. I also added a clear coat of some heavier duty stuff to make it a little shiny. I love how they turned out!



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