Day 192 – printed bags



So, I knew about this a long time ago, but just tried it again after seeing a “pin” on Pinterest. I have some friends with birthdays coming up and I also have a huge box of plain red, paper bags that I bought a long time ago for a former business I had. Needless to say, what a great way to:
1. repurpose some bags that might otherwise wind up in the recycle bin or trash
2. save money from buying more wrapping paper or gift bags
3. express my creativity in a unique way!

Before you try it, a word of caution. Many printers are fickle, so be careful when loading your bag. Mine took some jiggling, but it’s also an older printer and I wasn’t as concerned if I messed it up. Also, this probably won’t work on grocery store brown paper bags, even the sack lunch size. They are just too thick, especially the ones that fold out so they are flat on the bottom. You can buy this type of bag though. The ones I have are flat, with no bottom so they glide through the printer fairly well. I bought mine online, but I’m sure if you look around, you can find them at an office supply store or even a craft store.
All I did was open a Word document and insert a picture or graphic. Make sure you have your bag lined up the right way or the picture will either be on the wrong side or upside down, so do a test first and have fun! Ooh, you could even write a personalized message…I might try that next.


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