Day 181 – disclaimer: contains alcohol :)

Doesn’t this look refreshing? Just imagine the tart taste of grapefruit and the soothing hint of mint on your lips…
A perfect treat for Independence Day! And if you’re not in the US as I know many of you aren’t, enjoy it anyway!

Here is the original link to make for yourself:

The only things I changed were I used my “grapefruit mint” from my yard along with my new bff, Malibu Rum in Key Lime! Because I used a flavored rum, I didn’t need the added agave or any kind of sweetener. It’s pretty strong in flavor and since I only have a drink once in a while, it will probably last me allllll summer. 🙂



  1. That looks delightful. I have chocolate mint… I wonder what delicious drink I could make with that?

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