Day 176 – Friday treat!



>You didn’t think I’d leave health week without some sort of yummy and healthy, sweet treat, did ya? Since “alternatively sweetened treats” is my middle name (although very tricky to say) and I am constantly in search of new treats made with natural goodness, I had to share this easy treat. Many of you have probably seen it all over Pinterest and the internet. Heck, I’ve even seen that Target has a whole machine for just this purpose.

Frozen Banana Ice Cream! For this specific recipe, I used 2 large and very ripe bananas. You need them very ripe or it won’t be sweet enough. Cut the bananas into coin sized pieces so it will run through your food processor easier and then freeze them.

When ready, put them in the food processor and add whatever flavor you want, I used 2 ts of raw cacao (cocoa) powder, but you could drop a tb or 2 of peanut butter, or some vanilla extract. Start processing and it will begin to look like soft serve ice cream!
Super delish and practically a health food. Well, yeah, it is a health food! Bananas are very good for you and the raw cacao (or a high quality cocoa powder) is full of antioxidants. So there, health week; take that! 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!


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