Day 172-canteloupe soup?


Today is the start of health week here at 365 Days to Unstuck. Hopefully you are interested in all things health, but if not, come back next Sunday. 🙂 Or stay around just because you like me and my blog. 🙂
What better time to start a full week devoted to health and a healthier lifestyle than summer? I mean, the fruits and veggies are in abundance, the sun is shining so it’s easier to get out to exercise and swimsuit season is a big enough reason to do it, right?
Today is a really neat recipe that you can eat and share with your furry friends. Canteloupe has Vitamin C and K, both of which are good for both canine and humans! New studies show that it can help reduce metabolic syndrome and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. You might not want to give large amounts to your doggie though because as with any new treat, it may be irritating to the digestive tract.
Now, my mom ( hi mom!) has been telling me I have to try this for years. And since we have the most amazing canteloupe in Colorado, I knew I’d have to try it eventually but I’ve been hesitant; chicken broth and melon? Weird!

Canteloupe Soup

1 canteloupe cut up (no rinds obviously)
enough broth (you could try veggie broth to make it vegetarian) to make the consistency smooth. Try 1/2 c at a time?
Season with salt and pepper (not as much pepper if you’re sharing with your pups!)

Mix up in a blender and voila!

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