Day 167 – hideaway book box!

I hope you are enjoying your day. It’s a beautiful, albeit warm day here in Colorado. Today’s project is a deceptively hard project. I thought it would take 5 minutes but it ended up with 3 of us (hubby included) chopping away at the book with an assortment of knives and exacto blades. I still didn’t get it quite as deep as I was hoping for, but you can get the idea!


1. Get yourself a good, thick old book, preferably with a nice hardback cover but no dust jacket. I was sad to destroy a book but I figured for $1.00 from the thrift store, I could sacrifice a book to a good project.
2. Figure out where you want to have the cut out pages; it could be halfway through the book, or more or less depending on what depth you want.


3. Start chopping! But carefully please. It’s hard and a little tricky to cut through several layers of paper, so be patient and work slowly.


Hope yours turns out!


  1. It’s great! I’ve tried this with books before and haven’t found an easy way to do it, either!

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