Day 161 – The long awaited nook


This room has been a guest room, a changing room, a dog sleeping area and now, it’s finally a peaceful nook for me to read and pray!
You may not find the mint green walls and red decor peaceful, but it makes me happy! Colors and patterns really are my “happy place”. The vintage feel I have going on is now complimented by these dreamy, ethereal swaths of tulle and flowing fabric.
So what, if it looks like a child’s room? I don’t have children of my own so I have to live out my inner little girl fantasies through my home decor. 🙂
Everyone needs a quiet place to relax, unwind and find peace. If you don’t pray, I highly recommend at least learning to meditate. Use music, candles, incense, or whatever you need. Maybe a quiet bubble bath is your thing, but I know from personal experience, if I don’t spend this time alone every day, I let the world and all its troubles get to me. So, now I have this beautiful little corner to crawl into. I close the mental shades, give my worries over to God and just chill.



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