Day 158 – Vintage belt turned headband



Ahhhhh, nothing gives me quite the butterflies as a trip to a new flea market, junk store or antique store! I simply can’t get enough of other people’s junk. 🙂 I like garage sales too, but prefer a store because usually it’s jammed with stuff that you get to comb through at your leisure. The tv show, American Pickers can give me heart palpitations every once in a while as I watch them climbing mounds of junk in people’s homes and then, they turn and make a profit. My dream job!
Anyway, I saw this vintage belt in a store last weekend and had to have it-I knew something good would come to fruition! Enter, the headband! I neatly cut the belt and sewed in a strap of elastic for secure wearing.


  1. WOAH, that’s such a creative idea! I really like the print on the head band (or belt…?) Although I’ve never been to a flea market (yet), I’m dying to go. Also, if you don’t mind, please take a peek at my blog!

  2. It’s good fun going through other people’s junk – you never know what treasure you might find! This is such a clever idea for an old belt, and looks really pretty. 🙂

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