Day 150 – facial wash

This post is sort of a work in progress. I am trying tonight for the first time to wash and cleanse my face with coconut oil. And to show I’m not partial to any brand, I have two shown above. Uggghhh! I hate the feeling of greasy skin on my face! And even worse, the thought of breaking out. YIKES! However, I am putting my faith in all those people out there who do this regularly and have not only seen an improvement in their skin, but they are avoiding all the harsh chemicals from soap and cleansers. So…I’m off to wash my face, I mean, grease my face up and smell like a macaroon in the process. 🙂 Wish me luck and I will certainly keep you posted!

One comment

  1. I am very curious! I am 30 yrs old and still break out! I have slowly been using coconut oil. Though I have tried it to shave with- I got razor burn pretty horribly, so never again. But wow, did it make my skin soft when I put it on after! For like 2 days it was so lovely! I’ve used it for a hair mask once, and I didn’t notice any difference. I still hope to try oil pulling because my teeth are not so good.

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