Day 149 – the humble jackfruit


Today I would like to share a strange and unusual meal I had at a vegan restaurant in Fort Collins; a jackfruit “pulled pork” sandwich! Whaaaa? I know! I said the same thing which is exactly why I had to order it and tell you about it!
I am sorry I didn’t make this myself, but heck, I might actually try it now. I have enjoyed delicious “mock” meats before, but most are usually made of soy or wheat proteins.
I grilled the waiter about this exotic jackfruit, and I guess in its ripe state, it is similar to the banana in taste, and did you know that the gum Juicy Fruit actually was made to imitate the jackfruits’ fruity, tropical taste? It’s native in several tropical areas in the world, including Jamaica, Indonesia, Malaysia and The Philippines.
Pretty cool! It even is rich in potassium, magnesium, B vitamins and several other nutrients. Wow, who knew?

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