Day 148 – We try and try again

lotion fail

I have been thinking about what I would say, how I would describe this latest project fail. I was very excited to make hand cream/body butter/lotions stuff, but there are soooooo many recipes out there! So I looked and found one to make with ingredients I already had. Here is the original link:
Enter the fail part. Ok, soooo someone thought that they could use their beeswax, even though the woman states in her blog above not to use it, but to use an emulsifying wax. Well, this someone thought it was because of the controversy surrounding beeswax and how it’s collected sometimes inhumanely and this someone already had her beeswax from a reliable and humane source. However, after trying to make the concoction, she soon found out why you don’t use beeswax. It never meshed together! It was water and a layer of wax even after we cooled and mixed, remixed, cooled.
Day 2, this person decided to try it again, thinking the woman who originally made the recipe didn’t know what she was talking about adding all that water into the recipe, so she decided to take out the water and put in oil instead. And yes, this was all heated in the microwave…
Ka-Blaaamm! The amount of sandalwood scented waxy substance that I’m still cleaning out of my microwave is pretty darn embarrassing! I promise I will read more carefully and try a different recipe, because I really want a good, homemade, free from chemical crap lotion to use! Maybe I’ll pull out the double boiler as I should’ve used in the first place. 🙂

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