Day 136 – Dinner in a pinch!



I normally don’t do this; snacks for dinner I mean. But today, I was in a pinch and needed something fast and gluten free for dinner. Well, why not snacks for dinner? This is a fairly healthy or has the possibility of a healthier dinner than I made. What you are looking at is a lovely arrangement of gluten free chips, 2 different kinds of gf crackers, a small bit of roasted red pepper hummus, carrots and celery, golden cherry tomatoes with roasted cauliflower (leftover from dinner the night before, but breathe new life into the florets by re-heating in the oven and spearing with toothpicks!), cucumber dip (see recipe below) and 3 different cubed cheeses with no nitrate and gf pepperoni.
It’s not bad for dinner in a pinch and will probably delight your loved ones-it looks like snacks or appetizers but it has veggies (which you could substitute some broccoli or your fave veggie in) and some protein in the meat and hummus (you could cube some cooked chicken for a lower fat option).
I whipped up the cucumber dip-how easy is this and it tastes incredible!

Cucumber dip

1 cucumber (either grated or chopped small
1 onion (same thing)
1 block of warm cream cheese (can use neufchatel for a lower fat option)

Squeeze the water out of the veggies and add all ingredients to a food processor adding salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate for about 2 hours.

Voila- your dinner in a pinch and it’s gluten free! The most important thing is to have fun doing it-use veggies and meat/cheese that you enjoy and even if it’s not the healthiest thing around, it isn’t too bad every once in a while!


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