Day 134 – Fun with scarves






I love this beyond words. However, you do NOT want to see the process to get from 2 beautiful silk scarves, to this lovely finished product. I about threw my sewing machine out the door several times, and I would not want a seasoned sewer to inspect my inside seams. But overall, I can’t tell you how excited I am for a nice, hot summer day to wear this! This was supposed to be a shirt…there are several pins on Pinterest with this “scarf shirt” project and I’ve been dying to make it.
You take two scarves of the same size, pin them together leaving arm holes and neck opening and sew around the top and the sides. Now, I may only be 5 feet of pure redheaded (albeit fake) firepower, but I didn’t expect it to be a dress on me! I think these scarves must be XL. 🙂
I will try this again with smaller scarves because I really do want a shirt too. But for now, I will enjoy the flowing, billowy feel of light silk against my skin. Ahhhh.

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