Day 130 – gazpacho!

I know I’m really jumping the gun with this summer recipe, but I had a hankering for it and made some! Not only do raw veggies work wonders for your energy, they each have their own unique health properties; from fiber and vitamins, to essential minerals and antioxidants. I love this recipe because unlike juicing, it uses the whole veggie which contributes to your daily fiber intake.

Gazpacho (chilled Mexican tomato/veggie soup)
I like my gazpacho simple so the tomato and cucumber flavor shines through, hence the simplicity of this recipe. There are many versions out there, but here is mine.

4 vine ripened tomatoes
1 large cucumber
3 green onions (or a regular onion works)
1 green bell pepper
handful of cilantro
3-4 cups tomato juice
salt and pepper

Mix everything in the blender and blend well. Chill and serve.

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