Day 124 – Lip balm


No, she didn’t…oh yes I did! I made lip balm! And it was fun! I love it when a project works and is easy to boot! A friend showed me the website, a while ago and at those prices, I had to stock up and start in on my homemade beauty products. The only thing I didn’t order was a “wax” and so I headed off to Whole Foods to get a couple bars of beeswax. The beeswax I bought is from a sustainable bee farm in my local area, so I don’t feel too bad about using the little guys’ precious wax. (Now, I’m not the best at following recipes so bear with me as these are approximate measures)

Kathy’s Honey Vanilla Lip Balm

.5 oz beeswax
3-5 drops vanilla flavoring (don’t know if or now a regular vanilla extract would hold up.)
1 tb coconut oil
2 drops of honey

I mixed this up in a pyrex container in my microwave, but a double boiler is probably the preferred method. I’m no expert, but I can tell you, the ratio of wax to oil will produce different effects. More wax will hold up better, more oil, will be a creamier and softer texture and may or may not hold up in the tube.

I LOVE this stuff!!! The smell and the taste is to die for.


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