Day 119 – Dog soap bars




Imagine this. Tiger and Mugsy are suddenly barking their heads off, the pizza guy (don’t ask) is at the door waiting for money, and my craft concoction is threatening to boil over in the microwave…that was my first experience at soap making.
The cool thing is when you make “melt and pour” soap, meaning you buy the block of soap already mixed, it’s sooooo easy, even your kids can do this project. However, try to make sure you are “in the moment” and not multitasking like I was. My dog soaps ended up a little too greasy and are hard to hold on to. I admit, I could have paid more attention to the “basics of soap making” and actually measured out the proper amounts of butters and essential oils which would’ve given me a better finished product. I wanted a moisturizing soap especially for Tiger’s delicate skin, but more does not mean better when it comes to a chemically balanced soap. Not to mention, I thought the new tea tree oil that I just bought had a dropper top on it; NOT. So, greasy bars and heavy on the fragrance, but I think it still might work. I will test on myself before I test on the dogs.
Take your block of melt and pour soap, cut the right amount and put into a pyrex container in the microwave. Watch closely for it to start melting and don’t let it boil up, stir every 20 seconds. When melted, take out and add a FEW drops of your favorite oil (I used tea tree for the anti-bug and anti-microbial properties mixed with lavender for its calming effects). Also, I added 2 tb of shea butter, which was probably too much. Shea butter is a great moisturizer though. I made the second bar with cocoa butter and vanilla scent. Again, I added too much of the cocoa butter, so please read an actual recipe or you will wind up chasing the darn bar all over your shower or bathtub like I have been.
Oh yeah, one neat thing I did; instead of buying soap molds, I used 2 small cardboard boxes. One was a box of staples and the other, binder clips-I lined the boxes with parchment paper and it was really easy to rip off the “mold”. Good use instead of buying a bunch of different size soap molds. You could probably also use an old muffin tin or candy mold if you spray the molds first.

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