Day 118 – Oil candles?

oil candle

Darn, I had high hopes for this one! There are several websites touting how great these olive oil candles are, especially as emergency lighting in a pinch in case of a power outage or storm. Well, I’m not sure what I did wrong, but mine will not stay lit!
It works for about 2 minutes and then goes out. I wonder if it’s my wicks?
Not sure but maybe it will actually work for you!

Put a wick into a short jar (canning jars work well) and make it just slightly taller than the height of the jar. Now, secure the wick with a paper clip or wire, wrapping just enough to hold in place but not too tight that you can’t slide the wick up as it burns down. Fill the jar up to about a half inch short of the top with oil. Olive oil is good because it doesn’t smell, but you could use other cooking oils in a pinch.

Wish me luck-I’m going to try soap tonight… (insert scary music here).


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