Day 107-Kathy’s cutie coconut scrub!

I was a bad girl. I ate white sugar…and I have no regrets. I didn’t expect to eat it; rather I licked it off my fingers in what was supposed to be a refreshing body scrub. Well, it was. It still was fantastic, leaving my skin smooth and silky, moisturized in the harsh Colorado climate. But, the sugared peels scented with clementine juice was too much for my senses and I sucked off each peel to ensure not a drop of this divine juice was wasted. But yes, most of it actually got on my body so that’s not all bad! Hope you like the photos too, taken in my backyard amidst banks of snow. Kindof a cool visual play on spring.

Cutie Coconut Scrub

2 clementines (cuties) washed and peeled
4 tb sugar
1 tb coconut oil

melt the oil to soft, not hot. Toss the clean peels and sugar in, shake around in the container. Next, squeeze some of the juice from the oranges, keep shaking or stirring to ensure it’s all touched, but not too much that it dissolves all the sugar.

AAAHHHHHH. Pure delight for the senses-touch, scent and taste!


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