Day 85 – body scrub


Wow, and I mean wow! This scrub I made is seriously amazing. Not just the smell, which would’ve been better provided I used “used” coffee grounds, but the soft skin afterwards…I really felt like I’d been to the spa and gotten a sugar scrub or another exotic treatment.
I also wanted to introduce you to a new product I’m in love with which I used in this because I couldn’t throw out the used grounds…introducing Cacao Brew! If you like chocolate, especially real, pure chocolate, imagine drinking it for your morning beverage? This bag featured in the photo is the shells from the cacao beans crushed up and brewed like coffee grounds. You will need to use sugar if you want a hot chocolate type experience, otherwise, the fragrance alone will knock your socks off! And yes, it’s actually caffeine free despite what many people say. Cacao has theobromine, which is similar to caffeine and produces many similar effects, but it’s slightly chemically different from caffeine.

My heavenly coffee/cacao scrub was very easy:

a tb of unrefined coconut oil (unrefined will give you the gorgeous coconut smell)
1-2 tb of coffee grounds (I would recommend not reusing your used grounds in this) or cacao grounds
1 ts sugar (optional)
vanilla scent (optional)

Get in a nice hot shower and gently massage the scrub around. However, be careful as it can make the shower floor slippery. But your skin will feel absolutely amazing and you’ll smell like a steamy cup of mocha!

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