Day 76 – Project 2 with duct tape!

patio furniture (1)

patio furniture

Back again…with red duct tape this time! I promise I’m not becoming a duct tape junkie, but this time I was in desperate need.
See, last fall I bought a huge amount of outdoor fabric on sale to recover our patio furniture. The furniture is metal and in good shape, but the cushions have seen better days. Especially with the arrival of our baby boxer 3 years ago now…he was a good puppy overall except anything pillowy or cushiony. Oh, and the bottom of the stairs banister and…
So, I started out last year sewing the fabric and attempting to re-cover the cushions by hand. Yes, I said by hand. I broke 3 heavy duty needles and my puny sewing machine wasn’t going to cut it either, so I pushed the project aside for spring. Well, with temperatures in the high 70’s last week, I realized it’s time to get moving on this project. Ugh, sad face once I remembered how bad this was going to be with a small sewing machine and a lifetime supply of thimbles and bandaids after pushing a needle through the heavy duty fabric, over and over and over and over.
Enter the red duct tape! I remember my mother one summer in a pinch, covered her outdoor furniture with those oil-cloth type picnic tablecloths and some clear packing tape. She wrapped the cushions like a present and taped the seams. That’s exactly what I did. And it works! No bloody fingertips or broken needles and easily done in an hour. Not exactly Ethan Allen showroom quality, but it will get us through another season. Now, the only problem is I have somehow run out of fabric and still have 2 cushions to do…


  1. Your chair turned out really nice. Great job! You’ve inspired me. Wish I new how to do that for my chairs…I might just have to reupholster them this summer. Thanks for sharing!:)

  2. Thank you! I guess it all depends on the cushions too. Mine were easy, no buttons or gathers, so it was literally like wrapping presents! Good luck!

  3. Springs. You may notice that I did not mention removing
    the old fabric before putting on the new. A table is adequate in many spaces, especially if you want
    to keep the room open and bright.

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