Day 73 – homemade bronzer fail…new product win!

In my never ending quest for homemade beauty products, I came across this one on for DIY bronzer. Being the fair skinned gal I am, I thought for sure this would end up looking like war paint on me, but to my surprise, it didn’t do much at all! When I came out of the bathroom, my husband said, “what’s that funny makeup you have on?” and at that point, I marched back into the bathroom and washed it off.
Now the cool part is that it smells like fresh-baked brownies! The ingredients are;
1 tb cinnamon
1 ts nutmeg
1 ts cocoa powder
2 ts cornstarch

So, epic fail on the skin bronzer, not sure if I added too much cornstarch or what. You can add a few drops of essential oil to make it “packable” to pack into a compact, but I wasn’t about to spoil the smell. Maybe that’s where I went wrong. Anyway, so after I washed it off and had some of it licked off by the dogs who followed me around the house until I let them, I thought I really don’t want to throw this out. What else can I do with it?

Hhhmm…brunette/red hair powder!
I put some in my hair today; I smell like brownies and it is working great to stretch my hair another day without washing. Now, I wouldn’t recommend going outside on a rainy day, if you are blonde, or if you are working out. Could turn ugly, but heck! It’s working great to give my hair some body and absorb the oil at the same time! Plus, the dreamy smell is making me hungry. 🙂


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