Day 72 – Did you say frosting??

Yes, I have been off sugar since Ash Wednesday…but not stevia! I made this awesome Chocolate Covered Katie recipe for “Chocolate Frosting Shots” last night and couldn’t be happier how it turned out. I love her stuff! As a health coach, I can recommend most of her recipes since she uses healthy (or healthier) ingredients.
If you check out her site, she really is adamant about using certain brands of canned coconut milk and I can attest to this since I learned the hard way. You have to find a brand that has the thick stuff on the top layer which you can usually tell my shaking the can. If you hear liquid sloshing around, this is not the right can for this recipe.

However, after the first fail, I tried again because I knew what deliciousness it would parlay. Second time was a winner!

Please check out her site for the recipe; it’s extremely easy. 4 ingredients and I was set! Cocoa powder, vanilla, sweetener, and of course, the coconut milk. I used stevia as my sweetener but you can use other kinds if you like.

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